We are always in need of monetary donations.  Shipping instruments, music and equipment to Africa can cost anywhere from $1000-$2000 per shipment and although Music For East Africa (formerly Music for Tanzania) is run completely by volunteers, we have found not everything is free.   Please give generously.      

$20 Donation

Even the smallest donation goes a long way.   Here is a picture of the music library at Makumira University.   It is a rich treasure by their standards but we know it can be much, much better.


$50 Donation

Every shipment of instruments, equipment and sheet music is a happy occasion.  These shipments allow each music student to have his own instrument instead of sharing one among many.  


$75 Donation

Tuition and fees are a big part of any education.    However, in Tanzania, your donation can go much farther than many countries.   Help these students preserve their musical heritage and become teachers for the next generation.   


$100 Donation

A $100 donation can help a student underwrite his expenses while at University.    There are many fees associated with an education, not only tuition, but food and board, medical expenses, graduation fees, etc.   Your generous donation can help defray some of these expenses.  


$500 Donation

Your donation of $500 can put a serious dent in the transportation costs for one shipment of instruments.    Or it can provide some school fees for very worthy students at Makumira.  Many times the students begin their studies but find they don't have the money to continue since they are supporting families as well as being full time students.   Your generosity will ease their burden.


$1000 Donation

Your generous donation of $1000 will go a long way towards paying for most, if not all, of a container of instruments and sheet music to Tanzania.    Transportation is expensive, and although the instruments and equipment may be donated, the transportation is not.



Music for East Africa (formerly Music For Tanzania) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, a publicly supported organization.  Music for East Africa relies solely on donations to fulfill its mission to provide music students in East Africa with sheet music, instruments, and text books.   

Your donations are tax  deductible.